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Customer Testimonials

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September 21 Enterprise has constantly maintained a 5 star rating on Google Reviews.

Check out what past customers and workshop participants have to say!

Our Store

Alicia K.

5 stars

“Enjoy the wide range and variry of products and thankful I managed to make a trip down and grab what I need. The shop assistants are friendly and helpful with good recommendation. However I still can't resist on zoom and fb live as I fomo which ended up bidding for more items. Appreciate the donation drive initated and seller willing to offer such a huge discount. Thank you.”

Jacqueline L.

5 stars

“Chew Yeh and September 21 team has been patiently guided the parents (I am one of them) or teachers to get best learning and literacy resources for our young ones and students from different age group. A best place to get teaching resources! Follow them via Facebook live or Instagram to find out the best deal that offer..... They also offer seminars from reputable trainers! Go and check out yourself!”

Agnes G.

5 stars

“The books and teaching resources at September 21 are very useful to me. They are of good quality. I would recommend any parents or teachers to take a trip down to their store!

The workshops they organised and trainers engaged are experts in their own field which I can gain much knowledge from.”

Cassandra X.

5 stars

“Very interesting and structure program. Good and effective method in guiding children in learning how to read. Highly recommended.


The Lucky 10 sale is very attractive and well organised. It is my first time in zoom call sales and it was not only an eye opener but also I have lots of fun getting the items I’m interested in with FFF! Thank you September21”

Kyraroru N.

5 stars

“September 21 has an extensive range of learning materials and resources that can guide our kids throughout their learning journey. I manage to benefits from their one day Lucky’s 10th Birthday sales to get fabulous deals on different readers and other materials. Hope that September 21 can have this on a yearly basis.”

Adithi J.

5 stars

“I love that September 21 has resources that are catered for Infant to university level.


I love that September 21 has many concrete manipulatives that facilitate play-based learning. For example, counters, puppets, puzzles.


I love that there are many fiction and non-fiction books that are written by popular authors.


September 21 has children's books with augmented reality.


September 21 has pencil grips and line rulers.”

Elyn H.

5 stars

“Chew Yeh is very friendly and I really love how she used her sales effort as an outlet to gain donation for SPCA. Not only did it benefit the charity organisation, it also benefit the mummies who are tight in budget but want the best for their children. Even though my donation is little, i hope i did my part. Thank you Chew Yeh and her team again.”

Koeschnake M.

5 stars

“It has exceeded my expectations. Sales in zoom and fb started on time. Chew Yeh explained the mechanics briefly to new joiners and did her best to accommodate everyone. Will definitely support the business. Thanks so much!”

Harbans K.

5 stars

“September 21 caters for the needs of everyone - children, teachers and mummies.  Excellent courses and books for children, excellent teaching resources to make your teaching come alive!  Loads  of educational toys to cater for new mummies without having to run around.  Most important: Chew Yeh gives good advice and discounts, Trainers: Victoria Carlton and Khusbhu ensures your child is a language genius.  My definite go to place for anything and everything related to language and teaching.”

“Excellent resources for teaching”

Adrian C.

Jolly Phonics Training

Linda L.

5 stars

“I attended the training workshop on 28-29 June 2022 by Juriah Atan. Juriah is a wonderful trainer - she was engaging, clear and comprehensive in her communication, and was patient in answering all our questions. She was also able to cite good examples to help bring the theory to life. The workshop was very well-structured and the content was digestible and easy to follow, even for a non-teacher like me. There is a wealth of resources for participants to tap into - even after the training. Overall, I enjoyed the workshop and will be looking out for other training courses with September 21.”

Fauziyah K.

5 stars

Ms Khushbu Porwal is undoubtedly an experienced Jolly Phonics trainer. She explains the sound letters and actions very well. Really had fun learning with her,  and I could learn phonics skills effectively. Love that Ms Khushbu is always ready to share tips to handle struggling readers as well as classroom activities and grammar rules that I can use in my lessons. Ms Khushbu has indeed inspires me to be a better Phonics teacher. Thank you for conducting the course!”

Katrine S.M.

Service Name

“When we went here, were able to find a lot of teaching and classroom materials. The store staff was very helpful and accommodating.


September 21 is excellent in providing relevant and informative seminars and workshops for educators.


The speakers in the Phonics workshops, Ms. Victoria and Ms. Khushbu, were so informative and generous in providing and sharing strategies to teach phonics to young learners.”

Sarah A.

5 stars

“I am glad to stumble upon this training and best part is, I am able to utilise my Skillsfuture Credit for it. Learnt a lot from this especially for someone who is a beginner and kind of new to phonics. I enjoyed the whole session with the Trainer, Juriah Atan who is always ready to answer any of our questions. And I love how they always put it that our journey won't just end here. There are a lot of upcoming events that we can look forward to. Thank You everyone for everything.”

Jennifer Y.

5 stars

“Attended the 2 day Jolly Phonics training with Khushbu Porwal. I attended the course with 2 objectives in mind - 1. To learn for myself 2. To teach my grand daughter 3. To explore a potential retirement idea of freelancing as a Jolly Phonics teacher in the future. I must say the course met all my objectives. It was very structured so easy to follow, practical and interactive (despite it being online). The trainer is very approachable and warm. Definitely would recommend this course to educators and parents! Such a useful training to have especially in Singapore's demanding educational system!”

Irene C.

5 stars

“Sept 21,


Thanks for organising the 2 workshops on Jolly Phonics & Victoria Carlton's search for great books for just $10 in total. It is definitely value for money to hear both famous speakers speak via Zoom at the comfort of our home on weekend mornings. You have been very generous to sponsor us the Rosen LevelUp ebooks subscription for our participation too! Thank you very much!




I would like to thank you for organising this flash sale in remembrance of your pet, Lucky, for the benefits of your followers. I was able to bid for many educational items at $10 least 30% off its usual price.


Well done, Sept 21! Hope to be invited to your future events, too!


Thanks so much”

Tharisihine N.

5 stars

“I'm working as Speech language specialist at learning center. Although I have been studied phonology detailly but always feel something is not going right while teaching phonics to the kids. That's when I came across September 21 regarding Jolly Phonic Training which is trustable. During the Jolly Phonic Training by Khushbu Porwal, I have learnt different strategies in teaching to young children which help me to gain confidence that I can teach phonic to young children in fun way and effectively.

Thank you Khushbu Porwal maam for the wonderful sessions, Mr Andrew for frequent updates and explain the process and doubts and September 21 for being a trustable center for us to enhance our skills.”

Daljit K.

5 stars

“I signed up for this programme out of sheer interest and curiosity about how little children can be taught or rather nurtured to learn phonics and grammar in their early years.

The programme was brilliantly conducted. Victoria generously and diligently covered as much as she possibly could in the two day programme. She shared a wide array of strategies that teachers and parents can use both from the well structured Jolly Phonics and grammar packages and resources as well as from many other available sources.

Was truly inspired and wished I had done this programme a decade ago 😁”

Siti Nurfazlun

5 stars

“I attended the Jolly Phonics and Grammar workshop on 17-19 February conducted by Khushbu Porwal. Ms Khushbu is very patient and knowledgeable, she shared so many tips and strategies on how to make learning phonics engaging and multi-sensorial for young children. Her workshop was conducted in a very organized manner and at a comfortable pace. Even though it was conducted over the Zoom platform, Ms Khushbu engaged the participants and got us involved in many hands-on activities that allowed us to learn better as well. As a teacher myself, I picked up valuable strategies on how to help my students be able to attain phonics skills the Jolly way so that they can achieve reading and writing success. Thank you September 21 and Ms Khushbu! I look forward to joining other workshops in order to further hone my teaching abilities and skills.”

Abbey B.

5 stars

“I came across September 21 6 years ago. I purchased some of my teaching materials in their company and they are very useful, handy and most importantly durable. I am a patron for a long time, wherein I came across their workshops. Their Trainer Ms. Juriah is very patient in answering inquiries and the flow of the workshop was very informative. Ms. Chew Yeh is so kind to accommodate all the participants. September 21 staffs are great and helpful.”

Tsuki M.

5 stars

“I have attended the Victoria Carlton's Jolly Phonics course between 9th to 11th November 2020 and did not regret it as Victoria is very generous with her resources and ideas. It's more than I expected and would definitely recommend the course to those who are interested in jolly phonics and grammar and classroom strategies  for engaging the children. Chew Yeh and Andrew are friendly and responsive to emails.”

Joyce P.

5 stars

“Jolly Phonics Training Sessions by Ms Khushbu Porwal has been amazing! I never know about this systematic Phonic Learning Structure until I attended the course. Ms Khushbu has conducted passionately with her many insights on coaching young children in Phonics coupled with hands-on activities and practical steps on how to make lessons interesting.


I would like to recommend everyone to join this workshop if you would like to understand how young children learn the English language.

Thank you Septermber 21 and Ms Khushbu for organising and conducting the course!”

Faz M S

5 stars

“Love the workshops/courses that September 21 have. They not only cater to mainstream students but also to students with dyslexia, anxiety

issues etc. The courses are also of affordable rates esp when everything is rising noe😝. Staffs at September 21 are also helpful and efficient.

Khushbu was clear, patient and her workshops were engaging. Successful stories and ideas on how to use JP with young kids were shared. Slides provided were also direct and clear.

Thank you September 21 and Khushbu

Si Min T.

5 stars

“Benefitted greatly from the 2-day course. I did some research on my own and have developed great interest in Jolly Phonics ever since I have my son (now slightly over 2yo). I like how systematic it is, and that there is no need to worry whether the school is following the same system at all (unlike some other brands/phonic systems). Pertaining to this course itself, my trainer was kind, patient and addressed all my questions well. While I need more practice on my own and have yet to master everything, I bring home with me enough resources (in my brain) and know I am now able to guide my child correctly.”

Agnes T.

5 stars

“A thumbs up for Jolly Phonics! Personally glad to be in this course. Ms Khushbu Porwal is an inspiring and knowledgeable trainer. She is  patient and continously checking with us for our understanding before moving on. Provision of resources was sufficient and would be perfect if learning guide was given at the beginning. Classroom examples, videos and links were adequate to help us through our learning journey, especially for those of us who is totally new to Jolly Phonics.”

Fiza B.

5 stars

“Love the course sooo much! Thank you, Juriah and Sep 21 team for the carefully-curated Jolly Phonics course. It was very insightful. Love that Juriah inserted a few hands-on activities and kept the session alive and interactive. The Sep 21 team is very friendly and I am glad to benefit from it and apply my learning immediately in the classroom. I look forward to join more of their courses, definitely! Thanks! ❣️”

Teena S.

5 stars

“I'm a preschool teacher turned stay at home mother. Had been using jolly phonics when I was teaching in preschool. Attended this 3 days course by Juriah as I want to learn more about teaching of consonant blending. I love how detailed she is. At the end of the course, I have met my objective of joining it. Most importantly, it allows me to have a deeper understanding of Jolly phonics and also taught me how to implement into lessons. Even though I'm no longer teaching in preschool, I can't wait to apply what I have learnt on my 4 years old boy! :)


Chew Yeh is also very generous with her rewards for us, (the participants) when we won the Kahoot games (that are related to this course). The rewards that she gave us are really useful and helpful for our teaching!

Thank you Juriah, Chew Yeh and September 21! :)”

Jan L.

5 stars

“The Jolly Phonics and Grammer course organized by September 21 exceeded my expectations. Khushbu is very experienced and passionate about Jolly Phonics. She shared invaluable experiences during the training and provided ample hands on activities so it’s easy to understand what Jolly Phonics is about. The course is very organized and the training materials are informative. Great discounts on related products offered to participants too. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to gain a better insight to Jolly Phonics and support your child’s development at home. And not forgetting, September 21 offers a great range of educational products and courses too!”

Magdalene H.

5 stars

“Attended Jolly Phonics training 3 days by Khushbu and refresher course by Victoria. It has been a great session learning and answering questions that we were unsure, whether as an educator or as a parent. They are so passionate about jolly phonics!


The course is useful and highly recommend for all ec teachers.. and parents to help your child in reading for success.

Thanks! Chew Yeh for organising and bringing so many interesting courses to sg!”

Muthalagee R.

5 stars

“I was amazed by how Ms Khushbu was able to condense so much information into a 3-day workshop. My particular takeaway from the workshop was the many useful tips given  by the trainer on resources and activities that promote blending and segmenting. Usually trainers don’t give away many of their special tips but here she was sharing so generously. Thank you for an awesome workshop!”

Siti Munirah

5 stars

“I enjoyed the systematic way of how the instructor, Khushbu delivered the whole 3 days workshop. She is very patient in guiding us throughout and keep on assessing us if we really grasp all the 44 letter sounds plus how the skills need to be implemented correctly. Her expertise and experiences clearly seen from the many resources and ideas shared and assist in clearing our doubts and misconceptions. Appreciate such knowledge shared with so much details and very clear to understand!”

Chloe A.

5 stars

“I attended Victoria Carlton's Jolly Phonics & Grammar course with September 21 recently. I was able to join this course via SkillsFuture, which made it even more accessible for those on a budget! I am impressed with the course as a whole - the quality of teaching and resources provided is above and beyond what I expected. Victoria Carlton is extremely experienced and provided valuable insights that went beyond 'textbook' theories. Victoria gave real life examples of the activities being carried out, students' samples and her reflection/evaluation of the activities. As an educator, I am able to envision the activities shared being implemented effectively in my classroom and adapted to the varying abilities. Chew Yeh, Andrew and team have been kind and helpful. They are able to support you every step of the way with your queries and are accommodating to your needs. Although our session was carried out online, it did not feel one-sided. In fact, it was interactive - with breakout rooms to try out activities, discussions and sharing, and Victoria patiently answered all our questions. Thank you so much, September 21. I will highly recommend them to anyone interested in professionally developing themselves as an educator.”

Jazz T.

5 stars

“I am so blessed to come to know Chew Yeh and joined the Jolly Phonics Training under her company September 21. She has been so generous to organise a series of charity initiatives and I have learned a lot from the talks organised by her team. They are wonderful people who have been doing so much to help those less fortunate and animals. Thumbs up for Chew Yeh and her team from September 21.”

Indraani N.

5 stars

“I think that the session was well coordinated and we had a good opportunity to understand the techniques of grammar and it's usage practically for children that we work with. Sarah's explanation was clear and visually: the slides are great for participants like me.  I would like to make use of the books and materials that was shared by Sarah. I would highly recommend Jolly Phonics programmes to my friends and relatives. Thumbs up !”

Veronica L.

5 stars

“Love that Ms Juriah is able to show how Fitzroy is able to achieve successful reading through their readers and workbook.29 oct 2021


Thank you for the sharing session from Ms Victoria Carlton on the art and craft session on 9 oct 2021. My kid enjoy it.


Love the sharing session from Ms Victoria Carlton. I’ve learn strategies on how to encourage my kids to write sentences. Happy 25th anniversary September 21.

Ms Juriah is very friendly and helpful with my queries towards a career in phonics teaching. Thank you September 21 for organising this workshop.”

Pinky F.

5 stars

“September 21 has organized many workshop and courses for Early Childhood Educators. Recently, I attended the Jolly Phonics Workshop on 22 and 23rd November 2021. It was online via zoom. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days learning journey.  The Trainer Ms Khushbu was very well versed and shared with us strategies and activities in teaching kids how to read and write at a very early age. Thank you Ms Khushbu.”

Siti Mariam

5 stars

“I highly recommend this course to teachers and parents of young learners. You will be equipped with basic and essential skills to teach and engage young learners in reading and literacy activities. There are support systems in place to ensure that you will succeed in your endeavour even after the course. We instantly become one Big Jolly Phonics family. This programme works for my own children. Yours will too!”

Patricia L.

5 stars

“Signed up for Khushbu’s Jolly Phonics training as my daughter’s school is also using that and I didn’t want to confuse her with so many other phonics materials that’s available in the market. I like how she shared on teaching approach to get the children to read-the 5 steps, that’s something you don’t get to read in guide books. How I wish I’ve learned about this course earlier and would have save me the hassle of trying out so many different phonics books. Definitely recommend parents to join to find out more.”

Norshidah S.

5 stars

“This course is structured & the trainer Ms Khushbu went through the steps making sure her trainees understood what was being taught. It helped me to understand better the group sounds and the grammar usage. Will implement those systemically steps when teaching my child and students reading and spelling. Thank you September 21 Enterprise to conduct this course and Ms Khushbu for her teachings. Hope to be at any of the courses again.”

Hwee Fen

5 stars

“Attended their Jolly Phonics 3 days workshop during my maternity leave using my skillsfuture credits, hoping to know how to better complement teaching my children at home as they learn basic literacy in school. The workshop is really informative and as an educator myself who has not gone through learning phonics formally during my school days, has brought about new inspirations on how I can teach my pupils and my own children spelling and grammar in future. Good to attend despite current covid situation as it was conducted online, all safe at your own home and the facilitator Khushbu Porwal was really engaging and professional despite teaching through a screen. Looking forward to joining more of such courses! :)”

Nur Amalina

5 stars

“I am truly inspired by Victoria Carlton's way of teaching literacy to young children. She has a wealth of knowledge, skills & teaching experiences and is so generous in her sharings. One can easily see how passionate she is at teaching children, parents & educators alike. Her ideas are fresh, simple to implement and aren't costly. She has the eye to see how something so simple like a box and everyday items can be used for teaching writing. Amazing. I highly recommend any parent / educator or anyone who is interested to attend this literacy workshop by Victoria Carlton. Ignite / rekindle your love for teaching & learning! :)”

Isabella N.

5 stars

“I am a mother of three and a former preschool teacher. I have a little knowledge about phonics at the beginning. After attending the course with Ms. Khusbhu, now I got bigger scope of knowledge about phonics; especially Jolly Phonics. It is very important to me, to pass the right information to my kids and to my students when I get back to work in the future. Thank you so much for organising this course. I hope can I got to join another exciting courses with you.”

Bas Riah

5 stars

“Learning to read and write fluently is vital for children. Jolly phonics teaches children to recognise all the main letters sounds, relate the sounds to the symbols thus creating  the understanding for reading and writing. Also the importance to understand and identify children children who are struggling thus give them some coaching with Jolly Phonics the children can master the skills for READING and WRITING.”

Jingya Y.

5 stars

“Literacy Garden is a fantastic course with lots of great ideas for teaching phonics and grammar. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The trainer, Victoria also helped to answer lots of questions and gave practical solutions on teaching children to decode words using phonetical sounds. I particularly enjoyed the part on creative writing ideas to help encourage children to write. Looking forward to more courses with them!”

Isabella A. T.

5 stars

“I've recently attended the Jolly Phonic's Literacy Garden by Victoria Carlton. Her explanations were very concise, clear and easy to understand. She gave many examples and ideas for us to teach children on Jolly Phonics and Grammar. We also had break out group sessions where we had a chance to be hands-on on different activities. Chew Yeh and Andrew were also very helpful during the entire session. Overall, the workshop was very extensive, enjoyable, and I am so glad to have attended it. I can't wait to try out all the activities with my students. Thumbs up!”

Annabel R.

5 stars

Annabel Robert, 1 year ago

5 stars

“I am really glad I attended Ms Khushbu Porwal's Phonics class as I have no basic knowledge but want to expand this skill. Ms Porwal is an excellent trainer due to her many years of training and she is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge in a manner easily understandable. She is skilled at providing helpful explanations enabling me to learn as much as possible during the 3 days. Ms Porwal is very professional, enlightening, insightful, and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. She is also very patient and supportive, it has been fantastic and I would highly recommend to anyone. Also, I would like to highlight Ms Ngo Chew Yeh who has especially been very kind in helping me in her own special way.  Keep up the good work September 21!”

The Jolly Phonics course was helpful in learning more about the phonics sounds, actions, digraphs and tricky words. The trainer is able to answer any questions that the participants may have.


Insightful sharing and tips on teaching using Jolly Phonics!

Rachel T.

The workshop held on March 21 2021 conducted by Ms Sue Lloyd with Ms Chew Yeh from September 21 on Jolly Phonics was very helpful. There were many resources that were shared. The content was extensive and the questions were answered in detail. Thanks a lot for conducting this workshop and it will surely help us be better at teaching phonics in the classroom.

Meetu S.


Noor Muneera

5 stars

“I attended an enriching and insightful workshop on Pathological Demand Avoidance by Ms. Mary Mountstephen.

Her presentation was very well paced with thought provoking case-studies that aided participants to be well engaged and participative. Ms. Mary welcomed questions throughout the session which was rather useful as we all learned from it. Definitely looking forward to attending more workshops!”

Romelyn S.

5 stars

“The session was very informative, educational, and providing an opportunity for us to learn more about Numicon. The delivery was very good, I learnt so much. Ms. Mona is an excellent speaker! It was indeed an enjoyable and fantastic one. Thank you so much for organising such a useful session! 💜”

Linda V.

5 stars

“This course was very enlightening opening my eyes up to a lot of information that is out there and also the very experienced Victoria showing us a variety of easy strategies that are very effective to gain student growth. It was great to share along with international people and what strategies have worked for them.”

Elizabeth C.

5 stars

“I attended the 2-day intensive STAR PD. It was so worthwhile! Victoria shared her wealth of knowledge and resources. It was also so beneficial to be part of an online international learning group. Thank you Victoria for providing me with so many ideas and resources which we can implement in our school.”

Prema S.

5 stars

“I attended the workshop on 26 March 2022 which was conducted by Ms Mary Mountstephen.


The workshop was interesting and relevant for me as a teacher.  Ms Mary explained the various scenarios and challenges in handling children.


Ms Mary is very knowledgeable and she is able to engage the participants. She has provided several solutions and options in managing the children.


Thank you Ms Mary for the informative workshop and September 21 for organizing the workshop.


Looking forward to attending more workshops.”

Sarah S.

5 stars

“The trainers, Lionel and Victoria shared many amazing ideas and hands-on activities that makes learning fun and abstract concepts easy and meaningful for children to understand. It was a fruitful and insightful session. Thank you, September 21 for organizing the sessions and we definitely enjoy the various songs and contests!”

Kevin V.

5 stars

“An incredibly inspiring trainer who is passionate about her work. I'm glad I attended this training and it was truly an eye opener which helped me reflect on my strategies and how to improve on them. I also gained knowledge on some new techniques that can be used effectively to create a better learning enviroment for students especially for students at risk. Thank you to everyone who played a part in putting together this training.”

Jiarou O.

5 stars

“Auditory Processing Disorder workshop by Mary Mountstephen is very beneficial for me in teaching children with special needs. She provides a few case studies and strategies in supporting children who has APD. Besides that, I would like to thank September 21 especially Chew Yeh as when I suddenly unable to attend the course, she sent me the recorded course, so I can watch it when I am available.”

Veronica L.

5 stars

“Love that Dr Rod is able to break down into simple terms on sentence constructions and how to improve. Give ideas on how to guide my children in writing. The do and don’t of writing a children book. He is also very helpful to review our written works. Thank you dr rod September 21 for helping me to go 1 step closer in becoming an author for children books.

Dr Rod gives clear instructions on sentence construction. He also show us techniques in writing children story. He is also knowledgeable in regards to plagiarism. Thank you September 21 and Dr Rod for the wonderful session.”

Delph M.

5 stars

I have attended several workshops conducted by Victoria Carlton. I have gained so much valuable insights and am always learning something new every now and then. The recent sale was a great opportunity to purchase the teaching materials which will be used to compliment my classroom teaching. Will definitely recommend the workshops! Thank you..

I've learnt the various methods of teaching with games incorparate with the topics. Am excited to try with my children.

Norhayati O.

Enjoyed the realistic, developmentally appropriate activities ideas.

Serina T.

World Education Summit (WES)

Kim L.

5 stars

“September 21 organized many online professional courses by speakers from UK, US, AU, for Parents and Educators, topic including Language, Maths, Learning Disorder etc. Fees are very reasonable and affordable. They also have free online session organized by Word Education Summit (WES). It is a wonderful learning platform for anyone who works with/have young children.”

Janice W.

5 stars

“Encouraged by his sharing to inspire young writers, and what we should/ should not do to stifle their creativity! Would love to get his books to encourage young children to have fun and enjoy writing, anything and everything!”

Donald W.

5 stars

“I have been reading Neil's Abbie Rose books to my students when they were first published a few years ago. I have also chosen them as gifts for some of my students. Liked Neil's humour and imagination especially from a child's perspective. Thank you.”

Goh SH

5 stars

“Attended the 25th Anniversary workshop. All the trainers are very experienced and generous in sharing their expertise and resources.


Neil Humphreys is really humorous. His sharing of his encounters in Singapore is so lively and full of learning points for reflection.


The speakers are motivating which inspire me to engage in life long learning to be a better educator.”

Ning Ning O.

5 stars

“Very interesting and informative meet Neil Humphreys session this afternoon.  Read about him in the Straits Times years ago and am glad to see him live on Zoom.  LOL at his many frank and humorous sharings. Thanks September21 for making this session possible.”

Afiza SW

5 stars

“Dr Rebecca Isbell's webinar on Nurturing Young Creative Thinkers was awesome. It makes you think about today's curriculum structure in the early childhood setting and how teacher's interactions impact on our young children.”

Jacqueline L.

5 stars

“Love the international exchange of ideas and experiences! Great that it is packed with practical and effective approaches to help STAR students.

Thumbs up for the entire course!


Brain rules are awesome! Would like to implement them diligently.


It is fantastic to have the opportunity to meet  Chris Jolly, the founder of Jolly Phonics through Share A Thought A Pay It Forward session on 17 Oct 2020! Chris' sharing was informative and inspiring! Thanks Sep 21 for making it  possible!


Amazing session that was loaded with creative multi-sensory ideas to excite children to learn and develop their literacy skills! Thanks Victoria and September 21 and all the best!

The meet and greet session with Neil Humpreys was splendid and entertaining. There was no single dull moment. He shared his writer's journey and encounters that you could relate to. His stories were so hilarious that tears rolled down my cheeks. They were unforgettable. The session was truly enjoyable and would certainly love to have another session with him.”

Aida J.

5 stars

“I enjoyed the share-a-thought session-'How to choose a good book' by Victoria Carlton. The tips she shared were enlightening and insightful and I look forward to more courses and workshops by her.”

Pleasantly surprise that they conducted the talk through a game they created. The game create opportunities to think about world issues and awareness of the UN law. I also like how they manage to bring the issues so relatable to the kids age 10 and above.

Hugh Kingsley & Andrea Chorney - human rights game 13 nov 2021

Veronica L.

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