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Customer Testimonials

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September 21 Enterprise has constantly maintained a 5 star rating on Google Reviews.

Check out what past customers and workshop participants have to say!

Our Store

Alicia K.

5 stars

“Enjoy the wide range and variry of products and thankful I managed to make a trip down and grab what I need. The shop assistants are friendly and helpful with good recommendation. However I still can't resist on zoom and fb live as I fomo which ended up bidding for more items. Appreciate the donation drive initated and seller willing to offer such a huge discount. Thank you.”

Jacqueline L.

5 stars

“Chew Yeh and September 21 team has been patiently guided the parents (I am one of them) or teachers to get best learning and literacy resources for our young ones and students from different age group. A best place to get teaching resources! Follow them via Facebook live or Instagram to find out the best deal that offer..... They also offer seminars from reputable trainers! Go and check out yourself!”

Agnes G.

5 stars

“The books and teaching resources at September 21 are very useful to me. They are of good quality. I would recommend any parents or teachers to take a trip down to their store!

The workshops they organised and trainers engaged are experts in their own field which I can gain much knowledge from.”