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Publication Workshop Bundles

Beautifully illustrated social and emotional stories. All our publications are also available in ebook  and audiobook format with amazing songs and authentic British voice-over narration.

Value-added literacy workshops for children, conducted by September 21's very own Victoria Carlton Mastery Trainers. Explore the links under each book, or contact us to find out more.

An Alphabet Zoo (Book, CD, Song book)
Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear
Julia Gabriel
Ilustrated by Kathy Creamer

Rainbow Bear takes you on a lively journey through the Alphabet Zoo, introducing such delightful characters as Ellie the Elephant, Kara Koala, and Uncle Ultrasaurus. Listen to the CD and sing along to the catchy music as you meet each character.  Look on every page for objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  Have fun with your child as you introduce the letters of the alphabet and their phonemic sounds through engaging text and enchanting illustrations. The perfect book to make the alphabet come alive for the young child.


Alphabet Book front cover.jpg

Tourette Syndrome and Me
Josephyne Ho
Illustrated by Zachary Pattinson

This book is an anecdote of a heart-to-heart conversation between a brave young boy and his preschool and his preschool principal following his diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome (TS). This book addresses the initial anxiety that the young boy experienced as he worried that his friends might react negatively towards him.

We have invigorated this book for today’s children and added some augmented reality to make it zing! Children will be excited to learn and find it interesting at the same time.

*Augmented Reality experience available!


Tourette Front cover.jpg

Click on the links below any book to find out more, or email us your enquiry.

We look forward to working with you to enrich the learning of our children!

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