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28-29 March (9am-4pm)


Online Live Training

S.T.A.R Strategies to Coach Children with Learning Difficulties

Understanding the types & causes of various Learning Difficulties and how to address them with the right teaching method

Time & Location

28-29 March (9am-4pm)

Online Live Training

About the Event

28-29 March (9am-4pm)

Helping educators and parents to coach children with learning difficulties

-     an online live training for parents and educators

  • Strategic Approach to address types & causes of Learning Difficulties​

  • Identification of difficulties: Testing, Observation, Planned Evaluations.​

  • Steps to creating Comprehensive Learning Plans.​

  • How to nurture & increase self-confidence and motivation within these children.​

  • Learn the various forms of common difficulties such as ADD, Dyslexia & Learning Delay​

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