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The�Jolly Phonics Extra (Personal Edition)�provides an innovative and comprehensive set of materials, designed specifically for children who would benefit from extra help.
An �extra�, phonetically regular text has been used throughout the materials in this kit. Placed discreetly underneath the traditional text, it provides additional pronunciation help with detracting from the main text.
The TalkingPEN gives further support in a number of ways: providing an audio guide for each individual sound, modelling word blending and tricky-word reading, and helping the children to hear the sounds in words. The TalkingPEN can also be used by the children to self-check their reading; they simply touch the passage they have just read with the TalkingPEN to hear the text read back to them.
The kit comes with a�Jolly Phonics Extra Guide�and a�Jolly Phonics Extra Getting Started Guide.
The kit contains:
Letter Sounds Book*
Jolly Phonics Extra Flash Cards*
Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Red Level�(18 different titles)*
Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Yellow Level�(18 different titles)*
Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Green Level�(18 different titles)*
*Compatible with the TalkingPEN.�
Please note that the TalkingPEN only works with the items in the Jolly Phonics Extra kit and not other standard Jolly Phonics products.


SKU: 9781844144358
  • JL356
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