This course is developed and written by Victoria Carlton, aka The Child Whisperer, Global educator and Author. She is also an official international accredited Master trainer for the Jolly Learning programs. It is based on evidence-based pedagogical principles as well as well as practical research.


This course is designed to teach teachers and educators/parents how to support children who learn differently. It provides the effective remediation for students with learning difficulties to succeed using a specially designed holistic approach.


  • Strategic Approach to address types & causes of Learning Difficulties

  • Identification of difficulties: Testing, Observation, Planned Evaluations.

  • Steps to creating Comprehensive Learning Plans.

  • How to nurture & increase self-confidence and motivation within these children.

  • Learn the various forms of common difficulties such as ADD, Dyslexia & Learning Delay


Victoria Carlton

Global Author & Educator, UK Accredited Phonics Trainer


Victoria Carlton, is the director of The International Centre for Excellence (ICE), and extensively uses Jolly Phonics to help West Australian children improve and succeed at literacy skills. She frequently travels to the UK to meet the authors and publisher of Jolly Phonics and to check on current research in this area. She is one of the longest serving Jolly Phonics (UK) accredited trainer in the world and conducted her training at September 21 which is also one of the longest serving Jolly Learning Training centre in the world, established since 1996.


She developed and conducted her own programmes which are used with great success at her own centre in Australia and now in her licensed centre in Singapore.


  • Pre-School/Primary School Teachers

  • Parents

Teacher and Pupil